Le Fabulous | Jenny Lau

Le Fabulous | Jenny Lau

Jenny started using make up and putting hot rollers into her hair when she was just 7! She had so much fun doing beauty that she turned it into a business in 2009 full time. She’s now grown the business to 7 stylists!!  Jenny and her team are fun to be with and deeply care about their clients. She makes them feel comfortable and at ease – things you definitely need to feel from the moment you wake up on your Wedding Day!!

1. What’s the best thing about your job?

I have made lots of wonderful new friends from this job. One of them is my best friend now and we chat everyday. This job has given me opportunities to meet new people, learn about their needs and I love how I am able to help them, not just with hair and make up, but giving them tips and advice throughout the planning process.  Knowing I have helped and supported our clients makes me feel very happy.

2. What are two things a Bride needs to know before doing a trial with you?

  1. Be prepared to have LOTS of fun!
  2. Also that I will be honest with everything. I’ll tell her what will suit her and what won’t. I want her to look so beautiful that people will remember her forever.

3. Any great stories from working with a client?

I met a bride 3 years ago when I did her hair and make up for her wedding and she invited me to her wedding! And now we are besties!  We have travelled to Melbourne together, we have dinner at least twice a month at a nice restaurant. We both get along so well and have a good laugh. Many of my clients and I have become great friends, some have children now and have asked me to do their hair and make up for their family portraits.  I am blessed with this job!

4. What makes you different from others in your field?

I believe our service and relationship with our clients are exceptional. We care about them, we reply to them ASAP and we always communicate with them during the wedding process. On their wedding day, we have fun together and we stay back to help them get ready, take photos, chat to their family and friends – we don’t just rush off.  We have built very close relationships with our brides and they have continued to refer us to their friends. Yes we are great at doing hair and make up, they know that, otherwise they wouldn’t book us, but on top of that we treat them like they are our friends and we care about them.

5. Are there any trends you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

I still love natural make up.  Its elegant and beautiful. We have been specialising in Airbrushing natural make up for 9 years and it is still going strong. I hope the natural look will be forever!

6. What’s one tip you want to give Brides on their wedding day?

“It always is a perfect day!”

Nothing ever goes wrong and nobody ever notices the little things that you may think will go wrong.

Contact || Jenny Lau

Website – www.lefabulous.com.au
Email – jenny@lefabulous.com.au
Instagram – www.instagram.com/le_fabulous/
Mobile – 0413 059 783

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