6 Floral Wedding Trends of 2018

6 Floral Wedding Trends of 2018

Wedding trends are constantly changing and so do the styles of flowers that go with them. It’s always interesting to see what Brides are gravitating towards for their wedding in terms of florals and colours but here’s my take on what bridal floral trends are in store for 2018.

1. Classic Whites

Whilst the old-timey baby’s breath bouquet hasn’t made a comeback (Thank God!), the classic whites are still a really popular option. This elegant and formal look is well complemented by lush greenery to create an enchanting atmosphere and moving it away from being too traditional.

2. Elegant Reds

This combination of beautiful lush greenery pairs well with blood reds, deep burgundies, pinks or purples and a number of transitional colours. This trend is becoming more popular as brides love the traditional whites but want to add a bold but elegant splash of colour. It takes the classic white wedding flowers and adds a modern pop to it!

3. Wild Garden

This trend is so popular at the moment! The flowers have to look natural, as though they could be growing wild in a garden and the bride just grabbed a handful. This wispy and carefree look creates a soft, easy atmosphere whilst still being absolutely stunning. Think old English cottage flowers, and embrace it fully! If wooden crates filled with flowers, mason jars, mismatched crockery and rustic baskets just makes your heart warm; then this vintage style is perfect for you.

4. Bold and Bright

Think traditional white wedding dresses, white flowers and white cakes and now think the absolute opposite and you’ve got this upcoming trend. Bright, bold and preppy colours are becoming more and more trendy! By either using different shades and tones of one colour or a combination of beautifully clashing colours your flowers will stand out against your dress meaning all eyes are focused on you! If you are a bright and bubbly person full of sunshine and laughter then this is your kind of trend! Think citrus and berry colours like reds, pinks, purples, oranges – you name it, it’s in there!

5. Natives

Natives aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it has been becoming more popular lately to have a combination of both natives and blooms. Mixing flowers like roses and peonies with natives such as leucadendrons, proteas and waratahs creates the perfect bush wedding vibe. If you want to be surrounded by the trees when you tie the knot, then this is the perfect way to incorporate it into your bouquet!

6. Succulents

Succulents have made a huge appearance in the everyday lifestyle over the past few years, so why not in weddings? It may seem a little crazy, but the idea of having succulents in your wedding is totally possible! They have been popular as favours or in using terrariums as centrepieces, but you can actually put them through your bouquet as well to create a lovely lush look. There are many floral secrets used to ensure they look beautiful and can be made into a bouquet, but there is one thing that might cause a problem. Depending on how many succulents you want (that is if you want a few mixed in your bouquet or you want a bouquet made entirely of succulents) it may start to get a little heavy! This might need to be considered if you want to toss your bouquet … it might not be a good start to your reception if you knock out a guest!

When it comes to wedding trends, they change so frequently and so quickly that if you have an idea that isn’t the big thing at the moment, it probably has in the past or will be in the future! So don’t be afraid to talk to your florist about it, they’ll be able to help you create your perfect wedding.


Cara Heggie is the Owner and lead florist at TWO PEAS FLORAL and been in the floral industry for over 5 years. She loves weddings and dogs and of course.. coffee. If you’d like to chat to her more about your wedding, you can contact her here; “message me“.

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