Hiring a Make Up Artist
Photo by Beth Fernley Photography

Hiring a Make Up Artist

“I want to look natural”

That’s what every bride says to me when we discuss the type of makeup they’d like for their wedding. Unfortunately, it’s not specific enough for me to find a Makeup Artist (or MUA) that will suit you and your occasion.

‘Natural’ make up can be interpreted in several different ways. For example, natural might be pink tones with lots of blush, a pink eye and pink lips OR it might be bronzy complexion with brown eyes and a nude lip. Depending on your skin tone, your eye colour, your choice of lip colour and many other factors – natural is different for everyone.

To combat this, perhaps take a look through some magazines, at Pinterest and on the net and save the photos and pictures that depict the type of makeup you’re looking for. This saves a lot of back and forth between you and the MUA which we all could need a bit more of.

It also might make it easier to know and have the lipstick colour that you’d like to wear for your wedding day. You may end up purchasing a tube of it actually as your MUA will not be with you for touch-ups and your lipstick will be the first to go when you eat and drink. Mention the shade to your MUA when discussing your makeup look and bring it with you to your makeup trial.

Other things to take note of when hiring a MUA is to let them know;

  1. Where you’re getting ready (Not married),
  2. How many people they will need to do up,
  3. and Are you having fake eyelashes.

All these things affect the quote…

Getting Ready Location

This sound pretty straight forward but some brides put the wrong location down which affects the accuracy of the quote. MUA’s determine their travel fees on how long it takes and how far it is and the parking situation at that location.

How Many People

Are your mothers looking to get their Hair and Make Up done too? What about the flower girl? If you have a wedding party of 6 and your ceremony is at 12pm then you’ll need to count back about 8 hours and that’s when your MUA will arrive. 8 hours breaks down into 6 hours of makeup (1x bride, 3x bridesmaids, 2x mothers and 1x flower girl), 1 hour for the photos and 1 hour to get to the ceremony. This means that your MUA will start at 4am and MUA’s will have an “early start” fee. You can minimize the time by hiring an additional MUA but note that you will need to pay for the extra MUA’s time as well.

Fake Eyelashes

These cost extra and sometimes they’re included in the HMUA’s quote but you’ll just have to check for them. Some brides opt for eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting and even lash lifts instead of the fake eyelashes. If that’s the case then make sure you clarify with your MUA exactly what you’re looking for so the quote you receive is accurate to what you need.

And lastly, I cannot stress enough, how important a trial is! Invest your time and money into it so you can see and test out the type of look and the makeup application. It’ll also give you a chance to bond with your MUA which helps significantly for them to read you and figure out what you’d like before you even ask for it. It helps make the day run that much smoother.

I hope these tips help you be a little more prepared when looking for a makeup artist!

Photo: Beth Fernley Photography

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