7 Things Brides Forget

7 Things Brides Forget

Every Bride needs a budget before they start planning. Now I know some of you are saying ‘duh’ but you’ll be surprised at how many brides I come across who are halfway through planning and didn’t write one up.

Budgets are important and if you don’t estimate correctly, you could be out of pocket for a lot more than you originally anticipated. Budgeting wisely and budgeting well not only helps you in the long run, but it also helps you figure out where you can save and where you can spend more in your overall budget. Helping you get the dream wedding you want and deserve!

So, when you’re writing your budget, here are 7 items that Brides usually forget to consider;


  1. Veils:

Yes, you may think this is super obvious but everyone remembers the dress in the budget but never the veil! And depending on how long or extravagant you want the veil to be, (elbow, fingertip, cathedral, two tiers, crystals, beads – a whole other blog post about this is needed) it can set you back another $1,000! Figure out in the early stages what you think you’d like and put it in your draft. After you’ve put everything in, have a look and see if you can save somewhere else to get the veil you’d like or maybe think about a cheaper veil. So, when you go out to buy a veil, you know what your boundaries are and are not tempted to go look at others outside your budget.

  1. Dry Cleaning

I didn’t even think about this after my wedding. I had this misconception that I would just pay for the dry cleaning but when you present your dress and they charge you $400-$600, you think again about dry cleaning it. If you’re sentimental like me, you’ll want to keep the dress and the longer you leave your dress dirty, the harder the stains will be to get out. However, if you’re the opposite, perhaps you’d like to sell your wedding dress on Still White or other similar sites in which you’ll definitely need it dry cleaned. This definitely needs to be considered before the wedding so you can save your sanity after the wedding.

  1. Steaming Your Dress

You’ve usually bought and had the dress for a bit before the actual wedding date. But you’re probably going to need a quick steam of your dress the day before the wedding so make sure you put away some extra $ to do this. Or, if you’re at a hotel – their staff can usually offer you a free steamer to send to your room.

  1. Ring Polish

I’ve had Photographers complain about Brides not getting their rings cleaned. We all want those shiny photos of our gorgeous rings but it’s a bit of a waste of time for a photographer to photoshop them ‘shiny’. Their time is better spent making YOU stand out in the photo. It should cost you around $60 (If they charge you $100 – that’s too much!…I paid $100 and I regret it).

  1. Nails/Jewellery

The little things are often forgotten too. What colours are you going to do your nails? Will you, the bride, be paying for your bridesmaids’ nails? What jewellery will you wear? Will you be paying for you bridesmaids’ jewellery too? You can get these things really affordable but you will still need to put this in your budget. And there’s definitely a difference in price for french nails and just plain painted nails so the little prices count up and could get big.

  1. Guest Books

This is usually overlooked till quite close to the actual wedding date. Are you going to have a general wedding guestbook or maybe you’d like to opt out for a wooden one, a finger tree or perhaps a heart frame? Anything wooden will cost more than you expect and if you’re on a budget, making that guestbook from scratch takes time and money. So, when making your budget, make sure you consider these options so you don’t end up overspending on materials used. It may be cheaper to just buy it off a professional (and maybe better looking but I can’t make a judgement on your craft abilities )

  1. Bridal Party Gifts

This one is a bit tricky. It really depends on you and your groom on how you’d like to do this. If you as a couple are paying for each gift and splitting the costs or just doing it by yourselves. Either or, your wedding party really do a lot of work and a Thank You gift is a really nice gesture – just make sure you’re budgeting for it. All the little costs count.

You’ll notice that once you’ve budgeted correctly, you’ll be able to move your money around more confidently and hopefully create a more affordable wedding. We offer a Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet below if you’d like to use our sheets instead. Or even start your budget with our sheet! 

Happy Budgeting!

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