Elise and Brendan
Photo by Beth Fernley Photography

Elise and Brendan

I loved this wedding.

After meeting Elise and Brendan for the first time, their love and chemistry for each other was so evident and was just so undeniable that I couldn’t wait to do their wedding.

When the day finally came, everything went smoothly with just a handful of hiccups that got sorted out as quickly as they arose. However, my favourite thing from this day was when Elise and Brendan actually got 15-20 minutes of extra time they didn’t know what to do with. They decided to leave their bridal party and take a stroll along the harbour, enjoying each others company and reflecting on their recent commitment. That is RARE at a wedding and it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! They were so lucky to have those extra minutes that gave them a much needed breather between the ceremony and reception and also to just be … well, husband and wife!

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the gorgeous photos below!


Event Coordinator: Us
Photographer: Beth Fernley Photography
Videographer: Capture You Videography
HMUA: Xya Grant
Florals: The Marmalade Sky
Cake: Something Blue Cakes


**Side Note Story** 
My embarrassment must be shared! So at this wedding, I went to go pick up some things for the Bridal party in the bridal room. Now the Bridal room was a converted big, old fridge and you know how those big fridges have those handles that lock from the outside? Well… I went in and got locked in the fridge for about 15mins before Beth (the photographer) kindly helped me get out! She literally opened the door and couldn’t stop laughing at me. #memorable. Thankfully this happened towards the end of the night when everyone was dancing and the traditional events had all happened but my gosh! Those 15 minutes were super embarrassing and scary!

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