Kim and Rish

Kim and Rish

One of my absolute favourite couples! Their wedding was so rich in culture with Kim being Filipino and Rish being Sri Lankan that it was an absolute pleasure to plan and coordinate their day with them.

Unfortunately, it is too hard to think of just one thing that I loved about this wedding so I’ll give you two. 

Firstly, Kim brought out a guitar and mic during the reception and began to serenade Rish. They both ended up crying and you could feel the love between them and how overcome with emotion they were. That’s a definite highlight about weddings! 

Secondly, Rish loosing her engagement ring hours before the ceremony. She was panicking and everyone was looking everywhere for it. But what stood out to me at this moment was her resolve in understanding that the day meant so much more than just her ring. She was getting married to the love of her life and that’s all that mattered. And as soon as she laid eyes on him at the church, you could tell that she’d already forgotten about it and all she was thinking about was him. 
P.S. We found the ring though… it was in her jacket pocket at her brothers’ house! Phew!


Planner and Stylist: Us
Photographer and Videographer: Studio RL Photography
HMUA: Billie Make Up Artistry
Venues: St Joseph’s Church and Concord Function Centr

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