Mexican Campfire Fiesta

Mexican Campfire Fiesta

“You’re gonna do all my parties!” 

That’s what my client said after we did an event for her birthday this past May. That’s the kind of feedback we love to hear!

At first, our client wasn’t sure what she wanted but after a couple of discussions we finally settled on the following. Using Scandinavian colours with pops of navy, we created a Christmas family dinner styled picnic… in MAY.. when it was freezing cold! Thankfully, everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time (and we had blankets and two open fires) that no one seemed too fussed about the temperature.  My client’s favourite part of the night was the vibe we had. It was very chill, intimate and very family-esque which she loved and adored. 

For us, the standout for this event was the opportunity to design the menus and signs! Take a look at what we created and let us know what you think!

This is already gone down in history as one of my favourite events so far!

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