Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

There are several different diamond shapes that help determine the brilliance (sparkliness) and shine (clear reflection of light) of a diamond. I’ve given you a quick overview of each shapes’ benefits to help you figure out which one you like best. Of course, there are more shapes than these but these are generally the more common ones. 

Usually, these shapes are called the ‘cut’ of the diamond in the 4Cs but according to the Gemological Institute of America – this isn’t the case. To find out more about the 4Cs, I’ve written a blog post about it HERE

Our source for these shapes come from Diamond Nexus.


Round diamonds are the most popular style for engagement rings. The round shape has a superior way of reflecting light which results in maximum brilliance and shine!


The Princess shape is a very traditional square and doesn’t lack any sparkle or shine. In fact, its brilliance and sparkle is almost the same as the Round shape. 


It looks like a pillow of sparkliness! It features a square shape with rounded corners. Compared to a round shape, it sparkles less but it does reflect better colour making it a very popular shape!


This design still holds the brilliance of a round shape but has a more unique design. It still reflects light wonderfully but it gives the illusion of a bigger stone and slenderises the finger.


The Pear cut is an asymmetrical cut that combines the look of a Round and Marquise shape. It’s commonly designed as a halo and it actually slenderises the look of your finger.


This elliptical shape has one of the largest crown surface than any other shape. 58 facets create the sparkle from one end to the other. This diamond helps your fingers look longer and more slender.


The interesting thing about this shape is that it creates a ‘hall-of-mirrors’ effect. Because of this shape, it creates very dramatic flashes making it a very glitzy and glamourous shape.


The Radiant is a hybrid of the Round’s ability to sparkle built into an Emerald shape. This modern design of a brilliant facet-pattern is applied making it shine and sparkle that much more!


This shape was very popular in the 1920s so this is for someone who loves vintage beauty. It looks a bit like a cushion but it sparkles more brilliantly because of its large and open facets.

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