Changing Your Name After Marriage

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Congratulations! Now that you’re married, you’re probably wondering how should you go about changing your name? Well we’ve compiled a list that you can just copy and paste, print out and cross off each line as you go! How easy is that?

This should be the first thing you change because it’s the easiest and it helps change everything else. Simply head into your local RMS and let them know you want to change your maiden name into your married one. Make sure to bring your proof of identity (with your maiden name) and your marriage certificate. They’ll take a new photo of you and give you a temporary licence. You should receive the new licence within 2 weeks. This is also ALL FREE! And you won’t need to fill in an application either. For more information, check this article out from the RMS.

If you currently hold a passport with at least two years validity remaining, you can change your last name without any additional cost. This will only be free within a year of you getting married. Download a “Passport Application Form” and make sure you’re applying and not renewing your passport. Fill in the document, get a passport photo (you can get Kmart to print them out for you at 20c each – just make sure you meet the requirements) and bring documents that prove your identity and marriage to the post office. You should receive your new passport in a couple of weeks. For more information, check this article out from Passports AU.

This is another crucial one. Unfortunately, to change medicare, you’ll need to go and line up at Centerlink. Just go in with your marriage certificate and your proof of identity (drivers or passport) and they’ll do it all for you there. After that, just call up the ATO and MyGOV (or you can do them both online) and have it changed too. They should be able to use your changed name from Medicare as evidence for your new name.

Processes change form bank to bank but you should be able to rock up with your proof of identity (with your new married name) and your marriage certificate and they can change it on the spot. From there, they will update all your cards, accounts and mortgage ownership too. 

OTHERS – In no particular order
Electoral Roll – Go to this AEC website and update your name in two minutes.
Your Employer or the ABN Registry
Utilities – Internet, Water, Electricity, Gas…
Phone Bills
Subscription Services – Spotify, Netflix, Stan, YouTube…
Insurance – Car, Health, Life, House…
Medical – Doctors, Dentists, Ob-Gyn, Therapists ect…
Loyalty Cards / Frequent Flyers (not something necessary but just in case you do)
Road Toll Accounts
Online Social Media (if you’re that way inclined)
Australian Organ Donor Registry
Pet Ownership – Microchip company
Your Will

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