Family Will Stress You Out

Family Will Stress You Out

It’s alright. Breathe.

I know the pressure you’re feeling from your family. You love them and want to make them happy and sometimes what they want conflicts with what you want. Sometimes it’s not even family that’s stressing you out, maybe it’s your best friend, maid of honour or that crazy uncle that likes to butt his head into things.

What I want to say is that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Every bride goes through it. That feeling of never being able to have the wedding you want, of needing to make everyone happy and the feeling of wanting to just elope and be done with it. I’ve been there.

What’s important to remember is that family (friends are family too :p) will always stress you out but it comes from a heart of love. Love for you and a hope that you’ll get the very best. Sometimes that doesn’t translate well but know that they do it out of love.

I’ve found that it’s hard to balance expectations with your wants. You’ve probably heard this a million times but it is YOUR wedding. That’s not an excuse to walk all over your bridal party and friends and disregard their suggestions or ideas. I’ve found that simply saying, “Thank you so much for your suggestion. I appreciate that you care for me enough to suggest this and I will think about it and let you know soon.” makes a difference. Ultimately, you’ll need to be happy with how your wedding turns out because it’ll be a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Their turn will come around soon.

So if this is how you’re feeling. Know that you’re not alone and every bride goes through this. You’ll be okay. Take suggestions with grace and kindness and you’ll find your family supporting your decisions in the end.

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