Wedding Day Rain

Wedding Day Rain

Your big day is approaching and you can see dark clouds forming too! You’re freaking out! What if it rains? Do you have a back-up plan? Que panic!!

No one wants to hear forecasted rain on their wedding day. You’re always hopping for sun and warmth and not wet and coldness. Well, let me tell you that all hope is not lost! Even if there’s still a high chance of rain the day before, it will all be okay. I know this because it happened to me.


Being a small business owner, I was trying everything to get my brand out there. To meet new people, network at bridal expos and scouring the internet for information. From this, I realised that there’s a lot of people in the wedding industry wanting to promote themselves just like me. So I thought why not invite these wedding vendors to join me in creating a ‘Wedding Mock Shoot’. The idea was a success! We agreed that we would all work together and share the photos between us. It was all coming together.

But as the shoot day was arriving, we had an outpour of rain! I started panicking because our shoot location was in a garden and it wasn’t possible to change it. Our actual shoot day was forecasted with a high chance of rain (90%), 20mm rainfall and thunderstorms by the Bureau of Meteorology.

I was so bummed! My team and I had worked so hard to prepare for this day. A lot of money, time and effort had gone into it. Vendors started suggesting that I pull the shoot but all of our conflicting schedules meant that we wouldn’t be able to do the same shoot for a couple of months, or we’d have to swap some vendors.

We had no choice; I pushed forward. I started thinking of different shots, different areas of the garden that were undercover and even scheduling the day to shoot whenever the sun was out. I was not going to let some rain ruin what we had worked so hard to create.

Then the day arrived and not a drop of rain was seen.

Although I was so prepared for the rain; we didn’t even struggle with the weather that day. The weather was actually picture perfect for the photographer because the lighting was even across all areas. This meant we could shoot with no harsh light and dark shadows which are common challenges in the typical perfect sunny day. Our photos turned out amazing and everyone had so much fun.

I know that this situation isn’t common but what I’ve learnt from this is that you shouldn’t feel stressed about the weather for your upcoming wedding. You can’t control the weather (unfortunately). So the best thing you can do is have back up plans in place and have lots of hope and faith!

Although if you do get a rainy wedding day – don’t be frightened of it! Just roll with it! Get into the rain and wear gumboots, use clear or colourful umbrellas to give your photos a beautiful pop of colour! There are so many different and creative solutions these days that rain shouldn’t be much of a problem. Rain actually creates stunning romantic photos so you’ll be okay.

           Just breathe…

                        Step out…

                                    and go dancing in the rain!

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