Made of Honour
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Made of Honour

Your Maid of Honour is a legend!

You won’t see all the extra work she will be doing for you before and during the wedding day. You’ll probably see her at the end of the night chugging down all the different types of alcohol at the bar and don’t judge – she 100% deserves it.

Now I’m not just talking about Maids of Honours because your bridesmaids, groomsmen and Best Men also help out significantly with your wedding but for this blog, I’ll just call them Maids of Honour (or MOHs). Actually, let’s also extend it to your closest family too or really whoever is helping out at the wedding – this blog is for them. An ode to all those unappreciated secret wedding helpers who do so much work that no one sees.

Your wedding day will always be very full on. You can be as prepared and organised as you like but unfortunately on the day, you’ll be getting ready and your MOH will be rushing around. My MOH, in particular, did phenomenally on my wedding day. To be honest I didn’t think she’d be that busy as I was very prepared for any and every obstacle that could happen. Turns out nothing terribly big happened but it was just the small tasks that needed to get done. Things that someone just needed to do.

And just like most brides; I was on a budget and decided that we would do the decorations ourselves by hiring all the items. The decorator sent them up the morning of which meant my MOH had to check all the decorations were in order and place and style them on the tables. She was also outside checking that the ceremony set up was done in the right area and that the DJ (who was controlling the sound for our outdoor ceremony) knew where he was setting up.

She was ushering guests to the lawn and making sure no one came to the Bridal room. She retrieved my dad when it was time to walk me to the ceremony. She held my dress when it got dirty. She helped me pee! She helped me into my shoes because my dress didn’t let me touch my feet. She made sure I ate. She made sure I drank. She made sure that my wedding day went off without a hitch and did it out of love and asked for nothing in return.

Looking back at it now, I am grateful for her and also saddened that I expected her to do those things just because she was my MOH. I regret not giving her a day she enjoyed just as much as I did. She shouldn’t have had to work so hard to make sure I had the perfect day.

That’s why I think wedding planners are so important! They take care of all those little things so that your MOH and your bridal party and your family get to enjoy the day with you. It’s a full-time job and one that they aren’t paid for. Wedding planners are paid to do that job and they enjoy doing that job. That extra bit of money for a wedding planner works wonders – and I’m not being biased. This is me speaking as a previous bride.

I was incredibly lucky to have her. I was incredibly lucky to have my bridal party. I love you my girls; Kimberly, Simonne, Chantelle and Stefanie.

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