How to have a Great Wedding

How to have a Great Wedding

Want to know the secret to a great wedding?

It’s literally having a good group of wedding vendors who have all worked together before and who will pull together to make sure you have the best wedding possible! You thought I was going to say Wedding Planner huh? Haha, I’m not that self-absorbed!

But seriously, the foundation of a great wedding is made up of really good, professional and efficient wedding vendors. But how do you ensure this? By hiring a wedding planner who knows and works in the industry. A wedding planner who can advise you on what you should be looking for in contracts, the extra costs in the fine print, exclusive vendor discounts and, of course, who they would recommend hiring that’s right for your wedding.

Usually, I’m hired midway through the wedding planning process but I think it’s so important to be hiring a wedding planner from the beginning and allowing them to be at the forefront of the decision-making process.  A wedding planners’ knowledge is most useful to you when making these big decisions such as finding a venue. For example, your wedding planner should know what style of wedding you’re looking for and therefore assess whether the locations you’re looking at will be in or out of your price range.

Your wedding planner will also be managing and coordinating your wedding day when you hire them. This means that the earlier you hire them the more time they have to get to know who you are as a couple and the ins and outs of your wedding.  In turn, this then makes them better decision makers when things do go wrong at your wedding. It’s like a football team – the more time you give them to train, to practice and to learn their plays the more likely they are to win their game.

Our aim as wedding planners is to (pretty much) be another clone of you… and the more time you give us, the more accurate our cloning abilities become. So that when you’re off partying with your new husband or wife, we are making sure that everything is working logistically and exactly how you’ve always wanted it to be.

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