Angie and Blair

Angie and Blair

Meeting Blair and Angie for the first time was a little nerve racking (..meeting new people always makes me a little anxious) and I remember sitting in that booth trying to figure out what kind of couple would walk in. Would they be funny? A little goofy? Totally in love? Turns out, it was all of the above and more! We connected over our love for old classic TV shows (like Veronica Mars… maybe not that old?), our love for dogs and their recent trip and my upcoming trip to Europe. It only took a second for me to realise how lucky I was to have these guys as my couple. I was so excited to help make their wedding dreams come true!

Originally, we were planning a “surprise” wedding and everything had to be kept hush hush. We had secret phone calls and secret meetings (because Blair and Angie were living with Blair’s parents at the time) and had to send welcome gifts to workplaces and wedding dresses to particular people so no one would find out. It was exciting and it made me feel like I was a spy too. But all this changed after 6 months into the wedding planning process, when the family accidentally found out about our schemes. Eek! They were just too clever. Everything still turned out beautiful though!

This wedding was definitely one of my favourites! (Yes, I know I say that about all my weddings but it’s always so easy to be my favourite). This was also the first wedding that I had a hand in pretty much every single vendor category. Usually my couples will want to find particular vendors themselves (which is absolutely fine with me) but with this wedding, I was involved throughout the whole process – and it was an HONOUR! These vendors below were amazingly talented, super friendly and such a dream to work with that Blair and Angie’s wedding day went so smoothly. We had a HMUA who finished early (this never happens!), a florist patiently waiting around for few hours between tasks, a photographer getting on the ground to capture those angles and even a cake artist who helpfully filled and wrapped our bonbonniere boxes (which I’m sure is not part of her job description). I always tell you guys that your wedding’s success is determined by how good your wedding vendors are and let me tell you, this wedding was highly successful!

P.S. Can you spot me in the photos? :p


Planner and Stylist: Bubbles and Bouquets
Photographer: Hilary Cam Photography
HMUA: Ysabel Artistry
Florals: Floral Story Design
Celebrant: Oliver Thomson Celebrancy
Cupcakes + Cookies: Cake From The Heart


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