Why hire an OTD Coordinator?

Why hire an OTD Coordinator?

Have the flowers arrived at the ceremony site?
When is the Photographer coming?
Has grandma been picked up yet?
Are all the candles lit for the reception?

These are the type of questions I asked myself on my own wedding day. 

Even though my Maid of Honour had it all under control and was running around like the big boss she was – I couldn’t help but wonder if she was doing everything ‘right’.

You see, I’d spent a whole year meticulously planning for this special day that I wanted it to be executed to a ‘T’ otherwise it would’ve felt like all my hard work was for nothing. From the seating chart to the colour of the flowers to even how the day ran – these details mattered to me.


In hindsight, it was unfair of me to ask, to assume, to want… my maid of honour, my mother, my sister, my bridesmaid… to be my Wedding Coordinator.

To help me style, plan and execute my wedding when they had…

1. No experience or training in weddings
2. They didn’t deserve or need the stress or the pressure to make this day perfect.

This is why I’m a Wedding Coordinator…because I am passionate about helping young brides not make the same mistakes I did.

You only get married once; so why not ensure you do it right?

If this is something you’ve been thinking about or haven’t even thought about yet – let’s meet for coffee and a chat. We can go through my On The Day Coordination Services and find something that suits you as a couple and for your budget.

I believe I can help you create and run a day your family and friends will remember for the rest of their lives. A day where you can celebrate with your loved ones and really, truly enjoy the fact that… 


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