Sugarpot Cakes || Priya Maclure

Sugarpot Cakes || Priya Maclure

I met Priya Maclure at a Wedding Expo and instantly fell in love with her spirit, her smile and her delicious tasting cakes!! So I was very excited when Priya agreed to be interviewed for our Vendor Spotlight series! A little bit about Priya – she’s a self taught baker and decorator and she started Sugarpot in 2008 whilst still working a full time job in Sydney. I know, right? What a trooper!

1. What’s the best thing about your job?

I love the creative freedom of using sugar to bring a clients vision to life. As a baker my little heart fills with happiness everytime I meet a couple who loves cake as much as I do and can see the quality of ingredients that we work with through tasting our cakes.

2. What are two things Brides need to know before ordering a cake?

First and foremost, you have to research the cake artists! This is a crucial part which I think alot of brides do not spend much time on. A cake is like a blank canvas and for us decorators we have our own unique manner in interpreting whats given to us. All cakes, not just wedding cakes, can be personalised thus making it a part of your unique vision. By researching the artist you learn a little bit more about their style and taste which can help you narrow down your choices. Picking the right artist will help you engage with them so they can better replicate the vision you have for your cake. The second would be budgeting. Cake decoration is an art. And like any other art form we work with our hands and are passionate about what we are creating. Putting a price on a product is a manner in which we calculate our time, efforts and skills. This will never be the same for two cake decorators. Hence comparing prices is not the best indicative when deciding on which artist to choose. If you have set out a budget, be frank and let them know. Most cake artists have a minimum spend requirement. A lot of times the cake artists will be able to provide you with an alternative in terms of design options to cater for your budget wherever possible.

3. What makes you different from others in your field?

I’d like to say being able to visualise a design is one of my strengths and I use this in most of my cake consultations with couples. Once I’ve grasped their likes and wants it’s easy for me to translate their vision to the cake design and it is with that moment, that I draw a rough sketch or explain the idea to them and I see theirs eyes light up – that’s an amazing moment. That there for me is where my relationship with the clients begins from. This paired with my love to bake from scratch is what I believe makes us stand apart.

4. Are there any trends you absolutely love or would love to see brides leave behind?

As an artist, I absolutely love it when couples want their cake to be a part of their story and not just one of the many pins from pinterest board. *laughs* I hope this to become a trend that stays.

5. What’s one tip you want to give Brides on their wedding day?

Having spent such a long time planning for the wedding I would say to my bride,

                  “Relax and enjoy every moment!”

What matters the most are the memories that you make on the day that will last a lifetime.

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