Pop-Up Gardens || Emilie Porterfield

Pop-Up Gardens || Emilie Porterfield

If you’re looking for a luscious, green garden style wedding then Pop-Up Gardens is definitely for you. As the name suggests, they can transform any room into a dreamland of etheral greenery. But what I love most about these guys is how hard they work to make sure that your vision (the couple) is completely realised and that you’re 100% satisfied with it. I’ve personally worked with Emilie and she is such a trooper and a dedicated team player. I have no doubt that she will not only meet your expectations of her but exceed it! But don’t just take my word for it; read what she had to say below.

1. Tell us a bit about your business…

Pop-Up Gardens was originally my husband Iain’s brainchild. He’s a landscape gardener, and had been discussing branching out into the wedding & events industry for a while. One day while he was 4m up a ladder pruning a hedge, he had a flash of inspiration and thought of the name. We decided to propose the concept to our good friends Paul & Sarah, who have been running their own landscaping business for 25 years. We went into partnership, and the business grew and evolved from there.

2. So what exactly do you do?

We describe ourselves as a green styling business. We hire out a big variety of pot plants (like palms and tropicals, citrus, olives, Aussie natives, magnolias, and many more). But more than that, we design a space using those plants (and other styling items). We build bespoke archways and garden furniture, make green table centrepieces, do hanging greenery and foliage. We also specialise in living green walls – these are a fantastic feature, that can be used as the backdrop for the ceremony itself, or for photos at the reception.

3. What’s the best thing about your job?

I love this job because every day, and every client, is different! We make our designs as individual as our clients, so it never gets boring. I love creating something beautiful, fun and unique for people on their big day, and then hearing afterwards that it put a smile on their faces! It’s such a big moment in a couple’s lives, and they’ve invested so much time, energy and money into this day, so to know that we are contributing to their happiness (even just in some small way) make me really happy!

4. Why should couples have you at their Wedding?

We’re all about creating something unique and different. I always strive to really get to know my clients – what do they like/love/dislike? What is their personal style? What do they like and dislike about their chosen venue? How do they envision their guests reacting when they see the venue? How would they like their guests to use and interact with the space? We aim to create a space which flows, and which feels beautiful and stylish yet comfortable. I want the wedding space to really reflect the personalities of the bridal couple.

5. Any great stories from working with Brides?

One particular bride we worked with last year was very clear that she wanted to use mainly rustic styling and Aussie native plants (to reflect the style and heritage of herself and her fiancee), but then pretty much gave me free reign with how to execute that vision. It was a gorgeous venue (a glasshouse on top of a hill with stunning views over Manly and the harbour), and we decided to keep things simple and beautiful. We built her a bespoke archway out of native gum branches, and worked closely with her florist to style the venue with aussie native flowers and plants, wooden fruit crates and milk jugs, rustic furniture, and lots of little candle jars. We even had a large jar of red sand to represent the hometown of the groom. The place looked fantastic, but I always still get butterflies when I leave, not truly knowing whether the couple will be happy or not. I received a message the next day to say they were over the moon, and that when the bride first walked down the aisle and saw what we had created for them, she cried (happy tears!). That’s an incredibly powerful and gratifying feeling, knowing that you helped to make their day really special.

6. What’s one tip you’d love to give to future brides?

Don’t forget to slow down and take it all in – enjoy it! Have fun! Remembering my own wedding preparations, there is such a lot of build-up beforehand, and then I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to properly speak to all my guests on the day, so I actually arranged to have a BBQ the following evening with some of my friends and family that had travelled from further away to attend the wedding – that way I had more time to see everyone and properly thank them for coming. It took the pressure off on the wedding day itself, which meant I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

If you’re looking for something unique, definitely check out Pop-Up Gardens.

Contact | Emilie Porterfield

Website – www.popupgardens.com.au/
Email – info@popupgardens.com.au
Facebook – www.facebook.com/popupgardens
Instagram – www.instagram.com/pop_up_gardens/

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