Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas

Alex and I are coming up to another Wedding Anniversary and we’re looking for ways to celebrate. When I started looking, I found all these cheesy sites that said “recreate your first date” or “take an art class” which seemed so generic and not fun. But I did discover 5 things that I fell in love with (and now we can’t pick which one to do) that I thought it was only right to share them with you. You could do these for your own wedding anniversary or even just a casual date day or spending special time with friends and family. Let me know if you end up doing any of them and tell me what you think! 

I think number 1 may have stolen my heart though…

1. Cheese Wheel Pasta

If you haven’t heard about the Cheese Wheel Pasta then… have you been living under a rock?! It’s seriously the best and I’m about to blow your mind. What they do is put piping hot pasta into a cheese wheel with salt, pepper and some herbs and mix the pasta through the cheese. The hot pasta melts the cheese and you end up with this beautiful plate of pasta, perfectly coated in cheese. Trust me when I say… it tastes SOOO GOOD! In Sydney, there are two places you can have this but be warned – they don’t take bookings so you may have to wait to grab a table.

Buffalo Dining Club – 116 Surrey Street, Darlinghurst

Chester White Cured Diner – 3 Orwell St, Potts Point

Photographer: Kimberly Low
Photo rights to Visit NSW

2. Scenic World - Blue Mountains

If you like the outdoors and just want to get away from the city, take a day trip to Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. Suited for those who love hikes or leisurely strolls in the rainforest. You can admire the view across the valley at the Three Sisters, or catch a steep train into the rainforest for a walk or even do a hike around the area. This idea gives you lots of time with your significant other and time to appreciate the outdoors. (Something I rarely get to do).

Scenic World – Violet St & Cliff Drive, Katoomba

3. Food Safari

Right? That’s what I want to do all day long… go on Food Safaris! *dribble*. Gourmet Safaris is an Australian company that focuses on food tours in Sydney and in Melbourne. They take you around to “secret food” locations and show you the best places for the best kinds of foods. You’ll even get to eat it! Now I don’t know about you but a good date can only comprise of good food – I think this one is a good one!

Photographer: Ali Inay
Photo rights to RedBalloon

4. Blacktown Drive In - Blacktown

This one is an oldie but an OH SO GOODIE! This is the cheapest option of the list and one of my favourites. Sometimes all you want to do on an anniversary is just be with each other and forget about everything else. You get to watch a movie in the comfort of your car and enjoy food from the super funky amazing looking retro restaurant. Pack blankets and pillows and get snuggling for a great night out!

Skyline Blacktown Drive In – Cricketers Arms Rd, Blacktown

5. Intimate Picnic Escape

Purchase a Picnic Box (or make your own) and head up to the Hunter Valley Gardens. Or opt for a garden/park near you or one of these Time Out Best Picnic Spots. You can even make it extra fancy by styling the picnic too – maybe with a basket, a beautiful rug and some cute decor. (We can actually do this for you and we’ll even clean up afterwards so you can just sit, enjoy and then head off when you like).  Check out these awesome picnic places below for your own picnic box! Mmmm… there’s really nothing more romantic than a picnic with your love. 

Pop Up Picnic – 227 Parramatta Rd, Annadale

Sydney Picnic – 36-38 Hutchinson St, Surry Hills

Photographer: Anna Guerrero
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