Elk Prints || Elizabeth Kelly

Elk Prints || Elizabeth Kelly

Invitations are not something a lot of Brides think about. I sit down with Elizabeth from Elk Prints to chat more about why invitations are important and the beautiful watercolour invitations she specialises in. Check out what she says below…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Elizabeth and I have worked in the design industry for over ten years. I originally worked in a larger design studio setting creating work for corporate and commercial clients where I learnt a lot about branding and honed my print media skills across a full spectrum of job types. I started ELK Prints three and half years ago with the birth of my son Aiden. I’ve loved being a freelancer and meeting so many other amazing mums balancing career and motherhood together. It is challenging having your own business but also very rewarding. With my own business I was able to develop the creative side of my design skills and have been focusing now on more illustrations and following my passion for beautiful celebrations and events.

I thrive on creativity and exploration, I love to discover the story behind a business or the individuals whose event I am working with and create something that reflects and tells that story. I believe in craftsmanship, in doing things beautifully and with style. I believe in creating something different from the mainstream offerings and forever exploring new ideas and inspirations. My signature style is artisanal, textural, organic and delicate.

2. Why should Brides use watercolour stationary instead of ready-print invitations?

The advantage of bespoke stationery is that it will perfectly reflect your personality and style. You can incorporate special details about the wedding day or the location of your ceremony and reception. When couples are planning their wedding I know they are carefully considering all those details and building up this image of their perfect day that reflects what they love and enjoy as a couple together. By creating a unique design I can weave in all those elements that are important to them – their family history, their shared experiences, the style they love and the look they want to achieve.

Bespoke design is not going to suit everyone, for some brides those details might not matter or their budgets won’t stretch but for those who really want their wedding day to be a special moment, who want to make a statement to their friends and family about who they are as a couple then stationery is a wonderful way to convey that.

3. Any great stories from working with a Bride?

Last year I worked with two brides who were both on tight budgets but still wanted to achieve something really beautiful and personal to them. They were very honest with me about what was or wasn’t possible for them and I was able to sit with them and work out solutions so that they could still have a beautiful invitation design within their limits.

For both of these brides, I ended up printing elements in-house on my own printer instead of outsourcing to a professional print-house so that we could bring the design in under budget. Most people tend to walk away or dismiss bespoke design as out of their reach but both of these brides focused on what was important to them – a unique illustration that represented their style. Both could have spent the same amount of money on a generic ready-made design produced on high-end papers with a glossy professional print finish but for them, it was the message that counted the most. I found it really satisfying that they chose to invest that budget on a unique design and that I could create something special for them despite the limitations.

4. What makes you different from others in your field?

The key point of difference in what I offer is that I create my own original artwork that goes into each invitation design. The images I create for my couples are completely unique and only used for that couple.

The majority of invitation designers will be using stock imagery that is produced by other creatives and available for other designers to purchase. So those watercolour flowers may be pretty but they are also generic because you see them pop up in other designs because of the high availability of that image for people to purchase and use.  It happens rarely but I may sometimes reuse a pencil sketch of a popular flower like a rose but I’ll be repainting it in new colours and a new layout so it is never the same. So the designs I create for my couples will only ever be theirs.

5. What’s one tip you want to give Brides on their wedding day?

Relax and enjoy the day, you’ve spent months planning every detail but now is the time to stop planning and worrying about those details – let someone else worry about it or else don’t stress out when ideas don’t work out. This is the moment to stop thinking and start enjoying the experience and being in the moment with those you love.

Contact | Elizabeth Kelly

Website – www.elkprints.com
Email – elk@bigpond.net.au
Facebook – www.facebook.com/ELKPrints
Instagram –www.instagram.com/elkprints
Phone – 0422 002 784

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